Project Black Butterfly is about the resurrection, and amplification of Black Consciousness. Our mission is to raise awareness of history,worldview and philosophy of African descendant people who live in North America. Re-awakening and awareness are aimed at the resurrection of Self-Knowledge and with that Self-Determination, Black political and economic cooperation, toward the reclamation of ONE nation and ALL peoples under the banner of truth and justice, and the application of Universal Law.

Our name reflects a work of art aimed at justice (The Project), and signifies ALL (Black) people who identify mentally, physically and spiritually as Africans, no matter where they live, and who also identify with the Transformative power of awakening consciousness, awareness of self, and new life.
Project Black Butterfly reflects the awakening of the Sleeping Giant of Consciousness, transformative self-knowledge.

Our Mission is to awaken the collective vision and actual transformation through collective economics, of the indigenous social culture born of woman.

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Its not news! Its old-school. The notion, the enterprise of buy-black is as old as we are. Since human civilization began in the old country, then the oldest form of trade began with those ancient people. They, our ancestors, began to share the bounties of our harvests, the products of our creativity and tools to address our needs, in what we now call Markets. The ideals of marketplace therefore were born within the ancient dynamic, feeding the children, preserving the nations, upholding the values that promoted survival of our species and all the other species as well. Our trading/markets did not covet skin color, true, but valued value. Our success as market people was based upon the value added (we added) to our products by growing what was needed, by making what was needed and wanted, through creation of art and beauty, reflecting nature and our respect for nature. Money eventually evolved, for ease of trading, but was of secondary concern. The first principle of trade was cooperative survival.

Today, in 2015, we have become ‘dependent’ upon monies. Money has become a goal, even though the real value/worth of money has become detached from human needs/survival and has taken on an eponymous (mythic) value. This means that children can starve even while there is plenty of money to share, and people can be made to work (blood and sweat) and not be paid enough money to house and feed. Money cannot be eaten, cannot be grown, and even the wealthiest “civilizations” do not feed all their children. We have lost the meaning of value, and placed it at the mercy of money. He who holds the most money, is the one we ‘value’ most. We fail to value the children, the earth, our survival, unless we view them first as commodities which can be bought and sold. We have a problem. We work hard to get something that has no value. We are junkies, addicted to a substance which cannot help us to survive.

We need a sea-change. We need a 180. We must turn around and see that our past few centuries have not made us better, but have reduced us all to commodities. We talk about progress, but we have never been people who work for money while children go hungry and neglected. We must look back at our false steps, and then step correctly, learning from our mistakes. The next time you open your mouth to complain about today’s Youth, first consider seriously what your generation did to create their ignorance. We have always had a word for that, a word to help us self-correct, we called it Sankofa (an Akan/Ashante word). Sankofa sounds like a foreign word now, a quaint token of simple remembrance, but Sankofa is WARNING word, an admonition to WAKE UP! We have to wake-up. Remembering our past is not simple, easy, and also not pleasant. Sankofa is medicine, like castor oil, to keep us from getting sick, to keep us safe from the toxins we’ve already ingested, to clean out wastes trapped within our psyches, and our intestines.

“It is Not Wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten” …proverb from our ancestors.