When I move, You move…and other syncs.


You know it when you walk past that sister in the mall, or on a campus, and you look up, give “the nod”, and maybe say “hello”. You don’t expect to know her or introduce yourself, but you know, you both know. And when you walk into a new job and you spot a sister or brother, breathe a sigh of relief; exhale even though you don’t know him/her and can’t be sure you will become friends, but you know they know too. Know WHAT? What do we KNOW about one another even when we don’t know one another? We share a common humanity, a recognition of God in one another. While some will deny such a thing exists, or some mistakenly call it “race”, when we go to the celebration and get up to dance in the line, WE ALL KNOW. When I move, you move. 11951237_833683576730757_2269013548474718350_n

Those are the moments of recognition, the oneness that we count on, even depend upon. It exists in part because most days, in western countries and beyond, Black people “recognize” a common heritage, that they are in the same boat literally and figuratively, and may as well be cognizant of one another even if the reconnection is only as long as a train ride from Rome to Paris, or from Brooklyn to Long Island.

Reconnection? Yes, because that is what is happening when we recognize one, whom we have not seen before in this life. We see the common thread that cannot be defined completely. Part of the link is always a mystery, in the ethers, but we know is there.

Unlike with strangers, we know there is a bond that is not based on introductions, club memberships, or politics. Our solidarity though shaped by common strife, has steeled our connection and our bonds are like the Pyramids, long-standing still; like it or not. Our gaze is judge and jury. Inescapable, our chemistry is destiny. Our communication needs no words or agreements. WE are ONE people, like the lyric “when I move, you move” in the shuffling line-dance, we are choreographed, we know the rhythm, we got the beat.11885199_10207317817854085_8559093244422944741_n

For US uniquely positioned in Amerikkkan environments tensions are high, unpredictability and hostility are never far away. This condition we SHARE and could be considered a universal construct of the Black experience. It is a common-ground for US that our safe-zones are restricted. And yet, there is an upside here, even in the morass of the social outcasts.

Now we have come to that great moment in American Life, once again, when we will be tested and pushed to a brink; when our antennas are raised, attitudes expectant, muscles flexing, jumping, ready. And when the fire falls WE will strike. Suddenly, as if we had been waiting for it, WE soldiers will EMERGE on the scene, JUST like fingers on a hand will sometimes form a fist.

On that next NEW day, WE hopeful will stand together, again. And we will not find ourselves alone, or isolated, but communicating with and without words, our gazes on pivots, watching each others’ backs, as the calm world WE restore.


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Greeting Cards – The AfterHours Collection

Artist: Melba S Lee
Greeting Cards, Artist :Melba S Lee











All Cards are $2.00 each. Every card comes with an envelope. “Fruit of the Spirit” collection are 9 for $19.99 and are inscribed with spiritual messages. Other cards are “blank” and sold separately.

Fruit of the Spirit Collection – 9 Greeting cards for 19.99


Dr Umar Johnson Is Right!


Dr.Umar’s diagnosis of the ADHD Syndrome was so incredibly accurate, enlightening and informative. For those of you who don’t know me, I have a nephew now 9 years old, who was diagnosed with this “condition”at the age of 5. Teachers complained that He couldn’t sit still and interrupted the other students and generally was un-teachable. Three different meds were prescribed and a funny thing happened. He was not nearly as jumpy and often sat quietly the entire class; dare I say the entire day, listless and unattentive. This was Great for His Teachers and classmates, but devastating to His Mother and Myself. We discontinued the meds and almost immediately His rowdy behaviour returned. So his Mother and I came up with what we called the “Shadow Program”. Once or twice a week His Mother, GrandMother or I would show up unannounced (and out of His view) until He started acting out. I was the first to “Show Him the Light”. Three seconds into one of His episodes, I asked that We be excused to a locked Mens Room where I proceded to give Him one hard “tap”on His right butt-cheek. I told Him to go back to class and participate and listen to His Teacher. This was two years ago. To my knowledge His GrandMother had to pay Him one visit, but His Mother has yet to make Her presence known. He has been a Model Student for two consecutive years with NO meds. So with that, one has to wonder. How can we question Dr. Umar’s motives? Whether he could have a hidden agenda after he so eloquently dissects the issues plaguing our children. In my view He has no motive other than to see Our children progress. Money, fame, recognition all matter little to Him. His desire and emotion have pressed Him to keep getting this message out to ALL. The Black Family is so fractured, in so many ways, that Mom, Dad, GrandParents, Siblings and other Care-Givers would have to be trained how to help their so called problem Child navigate this course. Therefore it is my opinion that Dr. Umar’s intention is to throw these “marked children” a lifeline. Show them and their Families that all is not lost, and that “meds” are just another obstacle to learning. Ideally, HomeSchooling is the best possible option but greater awareness of the ADHD issue can only be a positive.

Kevin R. Spears
Kevin R. Spears

Our Condition


Kevin R. Spears
Kevin R. Spears

“Our Condition” should not be defined by Our current situation. Our current situation is one of constant persecution and seemingly relentless struggle. Our Condition currently sees Us in a steadfast struggle for Equality,a struggle for acceptance,a struggle for Survival, but as Maya Angelou once said…”Still I rise.” Our Condition should not be accepted by Us or For Us,until ALL involved are treated with Respect and Dignity: All People,All Colors,All the time. Our Condition,as a nation,should be defined daily by Our actions at Home. As Malcolm X once declared “Not down home but…back Home.”

Our Condition should be defined, by us. Manipulation of Energy, Military Strategy, Philosophy, Mathematics, Sharing of Language, Care for our Elderly; We advanced all of these ideas. The ancient Egyptians (who were Black) built the Pyramids with a Technology so advanced and precise,that today’s scientists are amazed and befuddled. One explanation given by the modern Scientific Community is that ExtraTerrestrials came down from space to assist in the construction of these Structures. Is it so absurd that the Egyptians held sole knowledge of this Technology? If so…why? If not why not? Our Condition should dictate ONE answer to both questions…Peace&One Love.

Marvelous Me!?!

The poet, Countee Cullen in his poem “Yet, do I marvel”, asks how God can allow the burdens of Blackness to be borne by the poet, and yet he “be” a poet? And he marvels at all the inexplicable, unfathomable, contradictions of life, yet we must live. I take this agonizing beautiful poem and see a world of Black Womanhood, myself and my sisters, struggling up that never-ending-stair for acceptance from others, and more importantly, acceptance-of-self. Yet do I marvel at this curious thing, to make a woman BLACK and bid her “sing!”.

Black Love is Black Wealth

Our Relationships are Our BEST asset! Here is a thought, I think we all should consider. Our relationships as couples, as neighbors, as citizens, with one another and as families and communities, are the best bet we have against The Disaster. The Disaster, is every abuse we are subjected to as individuals and as a group, as Black people, and we all know what those are. But when we consider the solutions and resolutions to our problems in American society, we usually think in terms of US, not just me.

The ancient principle “I am because We are”, has lasted the ages for a reason. Many other African idioms speak to our reliance on one-another, the family and the community. So why not say it loud, “I need YOU”. This collage of photos and the haunting voice of Etta James, answers an ancient call and remembrance, Black Love is Black Wealth.


Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar books.

What you need to know, is Black children are not being educated at your public school. Why not? The answer is an easy one. They don’t have access to information about themselves. Psychologists know (or should know) that people learn best when they can relate new information to themselves, personally.


Author Quineka Ragsdale, who writes the Demarcus Jones series (book three was released July 2015) has a dynamic writing style and a clear love for our children. The Demarcus Jones series is written from the perspective of an 11 year old boy who is (you guessed it) having trouble in school. His teacher picks on him, always seeing him as “wrong”, and no one believes he isn’t somehow responsible. He finds the solar calendar packed in a box in his closet, long forgotten from his father’s childhood. The strange looking instrument turns out to be a time machine which transports him to ancient Kmt (Egypt) where he meets Queen Hatshepsut who gives him a tour of the pharonic house and an idea of the troubles and glories during her reign as Pharaoh. Demarcus meets other ancestors, the great Hannibal and his army on the trek to defeat Rome, the honorable Marcus Garvey in a parade through the streets of New York in 1921, and he visits the home of his own family just before the looting and torching of Tulsa (Greenwood) Oklahoma.

Demarcus’ journeys through time bring him face to face with factual errors in his school books, and help him to confront those errors with his teacher. The journeys also help Demarcus to understand the struggles his parents face everyday. Each of the ancestors he meets as he travels through time admonish him with one phrase, “Demarcus, Know Thyself”, and then they send him home to his bedroom with a token of his journey.

These books are written for children, easily read and exceptionally enlightening to parents as well as children. The books reinforce research skills by encouraging use of the internet to fact-check the stories and personages. Ragsdale is a genius. Lets encourage her endeavors! You can buy directly from Ms Ragsdale on her site, DemarcusJones.com. The books sell for $10.00 each, and are cheaper if you bundle the full set of 3 books. Happy Reading!


Why we must buy black!

Part of the mission of Project Black Butterfly is the resurrection of the nation. In order for the Black people to restore and resurrect our dignity and self-respect we can, and will become again the people who create and who lead, and do not follow those who are less competent than ourselves.

One of the means of resurrecting ourselves is to secure our means of survival, everywhere in the world. This means we must establish again our nation, through collective/cooperative economics. Doing business with each other, establishing our talents as businesses, creating opportunities and markets for the uplift and sustenance for the businesses we create and establish.

Project Black Butterfly to this end is establishing a place on the internet for Black-owned business. Link your business to our site! Advertise your wares! Be ready to do business with all our followers on this site. Get help establishing your own presence on the web, and do business through that site.

We therefore recognize that the trillions of dollars that Black people spend every year, only 2% of that money flows into Black owned establishments. Trillions of dollars spent in Black businesses could lift EVERY BLACK FAMILY out of poverty, out of want, out of hopelessness and all its consequences. We can support our Black Colleges and Universities, we can support our historic sites, open schools that actually enrich our children, have neighborhoods where we control all government presence within it. WE can RULE our world.

Cooperative economics among Black people can end our confrontation with racism and hate-crimes, putting us in control of our communities. But first we must be prepared for the battles. Our enemies will not give up easily their economy based upon ruining Black lives. They need us, but we will deny them by cooperating with one another. JOIN US.


we must buy black and that is the truth
buy black is freedom
buy black is freedom from racism
buy black is peace and security
buy black is safety for our people
buy black is a return to our culture
buy black is home.

Re-vitalizing a Nation